VFW Post 5844 in cooperation with American Legion Post 91 provide Military Honors at the funerals of Veterans.

The Honor Guard is available to "Post the Colors” or sound Taps at ceremonies and other appropriate patriotic gatherings.

Contact Michael Camden (816) 616-5771 for further information.
Psalm 23
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul.
He guides me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for You are with me;
Your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

The "final roll call", funeral honors:

Date of Service Name of Veteran Location
7/28/2023 Casto, Josheph M. Campbell-Cast Funeral Home
5/9/2023 McCoy, Ricky NW 501, Chilhowee, MO
5/6/2023 Briscoe, Clarence S. Gilbert Cemtery
2/18/2023 Young, Richard W. III Chilhowee Babtist Church
2/10/2023 Repp, Dale F. Centerview Cemetery
1/7/2023 Keller, James A. SW 901 Rd, Chilhowee, MO
12/13/2022 Stalder, Gary Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
11/10/2022 Doll, Calvin K. Medford Cemetery
10/24/2022 Howard, Delmer Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
10/21/2022 Kuns, Carl Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
10/17/2022 Alsup, Orville L. Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
10/11/2022 Jester, John G. Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
10/8/2022 McMillen, Michael Medford Cemetery
10/3/2022 Yancey, Charles Pittsville Cemetery
9/24/2022 Ferguson, John H. Wesley Chapel Cemetery
9/23/2022 Deweese, Michael Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
9/23/2022 Windslow, Jimmie Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
9/21/2022 Wallace, Gerald, J. Carpenter Cemetery
8/11/2022 Hayes, William Rose Hill Babtist Church
8/4/2022 Milligan, Marice Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
7/15/2022 Russel, Henry Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
7/15/2022 Blackburn, Harry Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
6/17/2022 Davis, Michael Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
6/17/2022 Bray, Randall Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
6/17/2022 Smith, Gerig L. Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
6/14/2022 Fitzgerald, Glenn W. Holden Cemetery
5/21/2022 Thurman, Michael F.
5/22/2022 Lovelace Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
5/21/2022 Coker Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
5/20/2022 Crawford Higginsivlle Veterans Cemetery
4/2/2022 Kagarice, Paul R. Kingsville Restoration Branch of Jesus Christ's Church
1/19/2022 Eagleson, Worley W. New Liberty Cemetery, Denton, MO
11/14/2021 Brown, Max E. Rose Hill Babtist Church
10/20/2021 Guinn, Isaac H. Charter Funeral Home, KCMO
10/16/2021 Hancock, Harold D. Mt. Calvary, Holden
10/9/2021 Mills, Marion D. Open Range Fellowship
9/25/2021 Willard, Clyde T. New Hope Baptist Church – SW Hwy 58
9/18/2021 Feeback, Lawrence Rose Hill
9/3/2021 St. John, Robert C. Higginsville Veterans
9/3/2021 Bailey, Richard A. Higginsville Veterans
8/15/2021 Stevenson, Glen "Dale” Honors at Funeral Home
7/31/2021 Burden, William J. Holden
7/26/2021 Moore, Lawson Pete Holden, Mount Calvary
7/1/2021 Millstead, Jerry W. Holden
6/2/2021 Metcalf, Charles Higginsville Veterans
5/18/2021 Caylor, Paul Higginsville Veterans
5/18/2021 Marshall, Delbert Higginsville Veterans
4/10/2021 Price, Arly "Lynn” Elm Springs
3/23/2021 Lowe, George L. Gilbert
1/2/2021 Carter, William "Wayne” Holden
12/15/2020 Rinck, Clifford E. Cobb Cemetery – Odessa
12/2/2020 Ferguson, Lavale E. Strasburg
11/30/2020 Brooks, Bobby Joe Elm Springs
10/7/2020 Willard, Lary Lee Holden, Mount Calvary
6/27/2020 Martin, Ivan Edward Holden, Mount Calvary
6/19/2020 Stewart, Robert L. Holden, Fairview
5/29/2020 Dawson, William D. "Bill" Wesley Chapel Cemetery
2/14/2020 LaRocque, Dean V. Elm Spring
1/12/2020 Schall, Herbert P. Holden
1/3/2020 Bryant, James S. Medford
12/31/2019 Masters, James E., Jr. Higginsville Veterans
12/26/2019 Tevis, James H. Holden
12/23/2019 Feagans, Donald L. Higginsville Veterans
12/3/2019 Sloan, Joe D. Higginsville Veterans
12/2/2019 Butler, William J. Higginsville Veterans
11/22/2019 Coakley, John L. Higginsville Veterans
11/21/2019 Rieth, Stephen J. Higginsville Veterans
10/17/2019 Carter, Kenneth Noel Warrensburg Memorial Gardens
10/13/2019 Gard, William L. (Scott) Wesley Chapel - Ashes from Oregon
10/4/2019 Sparks, David Higginsville Veterans
10/3/2019 Thompkins, Ivan Holden
9/9/2019 Jamison, Shirley Ann Holden
8/21/2019 Masters, William E. Higginsville Veterans
8/19/2019 Marshall, Robert Carpenter
7/19/2019 Bennett, Michael W. Higginsville Veterans
7/2/2019 Huffstutler, Gary W. Sr. Higginsville Veterans
6/22/2019 Shields, Richard T. Chilhowee Cemetery
6/14/2019 McQuillen, Brandon L. Higginsville Veterans
6/14/2019 Mitchell, Mark D. Higginsville Veterans
5/29/2019 Atkins, Edwin K. New Liberty
5/20/2019 Moffett, Leonard Higginsville Veterans
5/20/2019 Bryant, Dewell E. Higginsville Veterans
5/20/2019 Stephenson, Walter E. Higginsville Veterans
5/3/2019 Palmer, James E. Higginsville Veterans
5/3/2019 Wilkerson, Claude H. Higginsville Veterans
4/2/2019 Hobbs, Franklin Henry Bluff Springs - Kingsville
3/18/2019 Fisher, Gerald Edward Elm Springs
3/15/2019 Cowin, Paul C. Higginsville Veterans
3/15/2019 Allen, Walter L. Higginsville Veterans
3/15/2019 Francis, Joseph E. Jr. Higginsville Veterans
1/30/2019 Simpson, Thomas T. Service @ Funeral Home
1/23/2019 Brillhart, Melvin L. Holden
1/5/2019 Dean, John H. Service @ Enon Baptist church
12/14/2018 Nonnemaker, Philip R. Newcomer's Floral Hills
11/28/2018 Stoyko, Joseph S. Holden
11/10/2018 Dent, James Michael Service @ Funeral Home
11/9/2018 Simpson, Harley E Higginsville Veterans
11/9/2018 Summer, Charles P. Higginsville Veterans
11/3/2018 Timme, Larry Lee Green Lawn - Kansas City
10/5/2018 McNeil, Judd Edward Holden, Mount Calvary
8/15/2018 Pridgen, Edward William Higginsville Veterans
8/6/2018 Cooper, Gary Lee Higginsville Veterans
7/16/2018 Wood, Willard E. Higginsville Veterans
7/12/2018 Eddy, Charles Higginsville Veterans
7/12/2018 McCarty, Daniel Higginsville Veterans
7/10/2018 Elliott, Ronnie Lee Service @ Funeral Home
7/6/2018 Brown, Terry J., Sr. Rock Springs
6/19/2018 Cope, Earl Dean Holden
6/17/2018 Bray, Charles Arnold Service @ Funeral Home
6/15/2018 Davis, George Lee Higginsville Veterans
6/6/2018 Helton, Donald D. Service @ Funeral Home
6/4/2018 Gutjahr, Robert Higginsville Veterans
6/4/2018 Enix, Melvin Higginsville Veterans
5/10/2018 Shulse, Raymond M. Urich
4/30/2018 Bennett, John W. Higginsville Veterans
4/23/2018 Eicholz, Charles Higginsville Veterans
4/21/2018 Cormier, Charles E. Kingsville
4/14/2018 Ray, William W. Urich
4/9/2018 Greene, James L., Sr. Higginsville Veterans
4/9/2018 Wagoner, Carl D. Higginsville Veterans
3/20/2018 Farnsworth, Samuel F. Farnsworth
3/8/2018 Koenke, Gail H. Lee's Summit Advent Church
3/1/2018 Brockhaus, Herbert E. Holden, Mount Calvary
2/12/2018 Connell, Maurice Vincent Kingsville
2/8/2018 McFarland, Robert B. Holden
1/20/2018 Elkins, James F. Kingsville
1/13/2018 Miller, Donald G. Service @ Funeral Home
1/6/2018 Krigbaum, Johnie L. Holden
12/26/2017 Henderson, Paul Higginsville Veterans
12/20/2017 Snow, Robert J., Jr. Holden
11/6/2017 Cobb, Robert A. Holden, Mount Calvary
10/31/2017 Hoskovec, Arnold Higginsville Veterans
10/31/2017 Johnson, Ronald, Sr. Higginsville Veterans
10/27/2017 Brown, Marvin A. Holden
10/26/2017 Jones, Gary W. Warrensburg - Sunset Hills
10/24/2017 Barnett, Arthur W. Warrensburg - Sunset Hills
9/23/2017 Stout, Raymond G. Holden
9/16/2017 Orr, Louis P. Holden
9/8/2017 McSweeney, James Higginsville Veterans
8/28/2017 Worsley, Arthur E. Kingsville
8/24/2017 Vinck, Robert Higginsville Veterans
8/14/2017 Robbins, Richard Higginsville Veterans
8/14/2017 Vinson, Danny E. Higginsville Veterans
8/14/2017 Holdshoe, Paul F. Higginsville Veterans
7/8/2017 Taylor, Milton James Holden
6/5/2017 Good, Charles Centerview
6/2/2017 Miller, Floyd C., Jr. Grain Valley (Honors @ church)
5/26/2017 McConville, Roy L. Holden
3/4/2017 Eldredge, L.C. Holden
1/7/2017 Cason, William J. Clinton, Englewood Cemetery
12/15/2016 Sturgis, Richard A. Holden
11/26/2016 Kusik, Wayne G. Cremation - Medford
11/5/2016 Carver, James E. Cremation
10/29/2016 Robey, William L. Holden, Mount Calvary
10/15/2016 Dempsey, Claude Centerview
10/14/2016 Henley, James Holden, Mount Calvary
10/13/2016 Hunter, Bob Elm Spring
6/11/2016 Guinn, Elton H., Jr. III New Liberty
6/1/2016 Jones, Bobby R. Holden, Mount Calvary
5/4/2016 Sexson, William V. Pittsville
4/24/2016 Beck, Fred J. Service at Funeral Home, Wgb.
4/16/2016 Fender, James Herbert Holden, Fairview
4/7/2016 Stumpff, Carl W. Holden, Mount Calvary
3/9/2016 Bell, Vernon Columbus, Cumberland Presbyterian
1/25/2016 Enke, Charles L. Cremation
12/14/2015 Keller, Charles L. Holden
12/2/2015 Reeves, Ronald M., Sr. Harrisonville - Pleasant Ridge
11/20/2015 Farris, Lessie F. Holden
6/20/2015 Turner, Miles F. Centerview - Cremation
6/15/2015 Hurt, John S. Holden
5/5/2015 Jennings, Wilbur Elm Spring
5/2/2015 O'Brien, William L. Holden
3/23/2015 Krueger, Dennis Higginsville Veterans
3/10/2015 Heiman, Jerome W. Holden, Mount Calvary
3/7/2015 Miller, Roy B. Black Water Methodist
3/3/2015 Chester, Joule K. Higginsville Veterans - Cremation
1/31/2015 Rogers, Lloyd "Vern" Holden, Fairview
1/27/2015 Jensen, Dennis S. Kingsville
1/10/2015 Spiwak, Ted Holden, Mount Calvary
1/9/2015 Oberlin, Leslie R. Higginsville Veterans
1/8/2015 Norton, Harlan R. Warrensburg - Honors at Cast
12/6/2014 Griggs, Charles R., Sr. Holden, Mount Calvary
11/22/2014 Gann, Luther, Jr. Holden
8/2/2014 Hanna, Joseph A. Holden, Mount Calvary
6/14/2014 Causey, James Daniel Elm Spring
5/30/2014 Surface, Donald W. Duncan Cemetery, Kingsville
5/27/2014 Smith, Dennis D. Higginsville Veterans
5/17/2014 Casto, Wayne Patrick Cremation
3/29/2014 Perdue, Bobby Strasburg
3/23/2014 Clark, Glen R. Garden City, Clear Fork
3/17/2014 Hall, Stephen L., Sr. Cremation
1/18/2014 Heiman, Frederic H. Holden, Mount Calvary
11/16/2013 Curtiss, Harold L., Jr. Sedalia – Crown Hill Cemetery
9/9/2013 Yoder, William G. Medford
8/3/2013 Penrose, James Holden, Fairview
7/29/2013 Talley, William Russell Holden
7/7/2013 Ford, Jackie Sylvester Holden
7/1/2013 Swezy, Paul C. Lone Jack - Adams Cemetery
6/22/2013 Meier, Marvin M. Holden
5/28/2013 Wilmott, Howard S. Higginsville Veterans
5/28/2013 Hayes, Arthur M. Higginsville Veterans
4/6/2013 Leasure, George A., Jr. Holden
3/14/2013 Ridenhour, David E. Holden
1/24/2013 Hoover, Glen Ray Bear Creek
1/4/2013 Duncan, John A. Duncan Cemetery, Kingsville
12/9/2012 Stout, Sam A. Cremation
11/4/2012 Miller, Raymond L. Cremation
10/20/2012 Strate, Warren A. Holden
9/21/2012 Hutchings, Henry F. Rose Hill
9/5/2012 Gudde, James F. Kingsville
7/6/2012 Phillips, Clyde Donald Cremation
5/12/2012 Daldrup, Harold "Gene” Holden, Mount Calvary
3/17/2012 McKiddy, B. David Pisgah
2/11/2012 Elkins, Gene Cremation
12/29/2011 Whiteman, Claude L Bear Creek
12/22/2011 Angus, Charles W. Holden
11/21/2011 Sisk, Virgil L. Cremation
10/14/2011 Clifton, James V. Kingsville
9/30/2011 Miller, Richard "Dick” E. Cremation
8/23/2011 Ham, Phillip A. Kingsville
8/12/2011 Seaman, Harry D. Holden
8/11/2011 Duram, Jim Higginsville Veterans
7/27/2011 Atkinson, Robert L. Holden
7/11/2011 Pirch, Charles Henry Holden
5/22/2011 Daugherty, Donald L. Holden, Fairview
4/25/2011 Hall, Charles W.
2/24/2011 Pirch, Paul Warrensburg Memorial
2/10/2011 Thompson, Erwin C. Higginsville Veterans
1/15/2011 Paddack, Gerald R. Elm Spring
12/30/2010 Cowan, Charles L. Holden
12/29/2010 Lloyd, Vernon R. Holden
12/16/2010 Kirkbride, Michael E. Kingsville
12/3/2010 Witter, Charles E. Holden
10/22/2010 Flick, Elmer Bear Creek
9/23/2010 Freund, Gerald Higginsville Veterans
7/1/2010 Dillon, Harold G. Holden
3/9/2010 Henson, Burl Pleasant Hill
2/26/2010 Page, Loren A. B. Rock Springs
1/15/2010 Golladay, William L. Holden
10/8/2009 Settler, Donald Higginsville Veterans
8/18/2009 Parks, Herbert Maurice Holden
8/3/2009 Wall, Homer H. Wall Cemetery - Blairstown
7/25/2009 Boyle, Stevenson F. Pisgah
6/25/2009 Lambert, Vernon Joe Higginsville Veterans
5/11/2009 Evans, Odis R. Floral Hills East – Lee’s Summit
1/12/2009 Walton, Robert L. Floral Hills East – Lee’s Summit
12/31/2008 Stephenson, Jackie D. Wesley Chapel
12/6/2008 Callahan, Neil Elm Spring
11/25/2008 Berry, Robert K. Holden
11/24/2008 LaHue, Albert W. Holden
11/22/2008 Leavy, Louis "Kenneth” Holden
11/10/2008 Chrisenberry, Gordon Bear Creek
10/6/2008 McMillen, Wallace H. Holden
10/2/2008 Clarke, John L. Holden
9/6/2008 Wakeman, Albert L., Sr. Medford
8/29/2008 Roberts, Charles A. Holden
7/17/2008 Hebel, Thomas C.
6/30/2008 Lankford, John Chilhowee
4/30/2008 Forste, Lester F. Holden
4/18/2008 Tock, Fred Higginsville Veterans
4/18/2008 Blackwell, Robert Floral Hills East - Lee’s Summit
3/20/2008 McFeeters, Robert Higginsville Veterans
3/15/2008 Meads, Felix
2/23/2008 Craig, Billy J. Holden
1/7/2008 Hodges, Richard S. Holden
12/27/2007 Alexander, Robert E. Kingsville
12/22/2007 Montavy, Harold E. Mt. Zion Church (Kingsville)
12/21/2007 Middleton, John W. Centerview
12/13/2007 Swanson, Jeffrey J. Holden
11/19/2007 Wright, Melford D. Holden
11/13/2007 Ford, Larry A. Floral Hills Cemetery, Raytown
11/13/2007 Carter, Gilbert E. "Red” Holden
10/28/2007 Scott, Luther L. Scott Park - Blairstown
10/19/2007 Raker, Robert G. Holden, Mount Calvary
10/8/2007 Hobbs, Russel D. Cremation
10/6/2007 Hunsaker, Joseph E. Cremation
9/27/2007 Francica, Carl F., Sr. Higginsville Veterans
8/16/2007 Roye, Robert Higginsville Veterans
7/10/2007 Williams, Roy L. Holden
7/5/2007 Hocking, Richard Higginsville Veterans
6/7/2007 Reynolds, Marion W. Higginsville Veterans
5/7/2007 Blackmon, Bert F. Holden
4/29/2007 Timme, Robert B. Mound Grove, Independence
4/13/2007 Fitterling, Cleo Warrensburg Sunset
4/5/2007 Crutchfield, Paul Higginsville Veterans
3/28/2007 Baldwin, George M. Holden
3/6/2007 Hadley, Orlin W. Strasburg
2/14/2007 Kane, Albert L. Kingsville
2/8/2007 Robinson, Donald
1/10/2007 Jordan, Terry M. Higginsville Veterans
12/2/2006 Bruch, Frederick E. Cremation
11/15/2006 Kesterson, John Holden
11/7/2006 Cast, E. Ben Holden
10/16/2006 Allgood, James F. Centerview
10/7/2006 Pettigrew, Jess Holden
9/19/2006 Scott, Robert H. Holden
7/21/2006 Long, Kenneth J. Barker Cemetery, Odessa
6/29/2006 Chaney, Lawrence W. Jr. Bear Creek
6/20/2006 Frisbey, Homer E. Holden
2/11/2006 Pine, Robert W. "Bob” Holden
1/19/2006 Taulman, Orville A. Higginsville Veterans
1/7/2006 Burch, Morris J. Medford
11/26/2005 Clarke, James T. Holden
11/8/2005 Martin, Larry C. Holden
10/23/2005 4 Union Unknowns Ded. Holden
10/11/2005 Garrett, James S. Holden
9/10/2005 Lory, Donald "Pete” E. Clinton Memory Gardens
7/12/2005 Terry, William L. Holden
6/15/2005 Jones, Thomas R. Higginsville Veterans
5/2/2005 Milburn, Haywood Floral Hills East - Lee’s Summit
4/20/2005 Brooks, Fred E. Elm Springs
4/19/2005 Ferguson, Herbert B. Holden, Fairview
4/18/2005 Wilson, Ray Henry Holden
4/11/2005 Jones, James L. "Shorty” Elm Springs
4/4/2005 Hough, Hurley Chilhowee
3/5/2005 Campbell, Cecil Elm Springs
2/10/2005 Sturman, Melvin Higginsville Veterans
1/3/2005 Renick, Raymond G. Holden
12/23/2004 Rogers, Harold William Higginsville Veterans
11/24/2004 Hardesty, Bobbie Dean Medford
11/1/2004 Cast, Pearl Holden
8/24/2004 Eagan, William Ward Cem.-Strawberry, AR
7/10/2004 Fisher, Lloyd L., Sr. Holden
7/8/2004 Tolly, Raymond G. Higginsville Veterans
5/20/2004 Dickens, Thomas A. Higginsville Veterans
5/14/2004 Zvacek, Lawrence Holden, Mount Calvary
5/3/2004 McDowell, Glenwood Higginsville Veterans
5/3/2004 Johnson, Marion W. Higginsville Veterans
4/29/2004 Bailey, David E. Higginsville Veterans
4/15/2004 Schuler, Richard L. Higginsville Veterans
4/13/2004 Huber, Joseph M. Holden, Mount Calvary
2/19/2004 Souder, Vernon L. Higginsville Veterans
1/29/2004 Pence, Phillip L. Higginsville Veterans
12/29/2003 Hopkins, Edgar L. Black Water
11/28/2003 Hoover, Ernest L., Jr. Warrensburg - Sunset Hills
11/18/2003 Stricklen, Barney W. Warrensburg - Sunset Hills
11/13/2003 Morris, Joe Sire Holden
10/2/2003 Gwin, Robert W., Jr. Higginsville Veterans
9/29/2003 Heard, Eurie S. Columbus, Cumberland Presbyterian
9/25/2003 Marks, Lawrence R. Higginsville Veterans
9/18/2003 Porter, Junior Alonzo Chilhowee, Carpenter
7/14/2003 Smith, Gerald E., Sr. Higginsville Veterans
6/27/2003 Burden, Joe Holden
5/1/2003 Gabb, James M. Higginsville Veterans
5/1/2003 Lyles, Milton, Jr. Higginsville Veterans
4/3/2003 Rodd, Leonard J. Higginsville Veterans
3/21/2003 Courtney, Warren E. Higginsville Veterans
3/2/2003 Smith, Samuel L. Pleasant Hill
2/25/2003 Smith, Bernard L. Holden
2/3/2003 Warren, Lewis W. Medford
2/2/2003 Bradbury, Claude T. Holden
1/21/2003 Strange, Bill Holden
1/11/2003 Helton, Frank F. Medford
1/2/2003 Sellers, Floyd E. Higginsville Veterans
12/31/2002 Wood, Walter Holden
12/13/2002 Pugh, Ralph C. Jr. Kingsville
11/27/2002 Corwin, Stephen M. Holden
11/16/2002 Schoonover, Cordell Lee's Summit
11/15/2002 Whiteman, Marvin Holden
10/10/2002 Johnson, Elroy R. Higginsville Veterans
10/9/2002 Hammontree, Dale Holden
9/28/2002 Fitterling, Larry Centerview
9/17/2002 Keller, John Holden
9/14/2002 Hartwell, Donald L. Holden
9/8/2002 Copeland, Albert R. Holden
7/17/2002 Warner, Charles H. Medford
7/3/2002 Reaster, Charles Holden
5/11/2002 Conner, Harold L. Kingsville
5/9/2002 Saunders, James C. Warrensburg, Sunset Hills
5/8/2002 Gard, Richard A. Kingsville
5/4/2002 Lowe, William Gilbert
4/18/2002 Runge, Thomas Higginsville Veterans
2/23/2002 Reed, Amos Medford
2/9/2002 Taylor, Alvin S. Holden
1/29/2002 Bernal, Pete A. Kingsville
1/17/2002 Salley, Robert Jr. Higginsville Veterans
1/14/2002 Hancock, Ronald Bates City
1/5/2002 McDowell, Wayne Holden
12/22/2001 Corbin, Dennis Wesley Chapel
12/17/2001 Fleeman, Kenneth Kingsville
12/6/2001 Cast, George W. Holden
11/28/2001 Manford, Sam Holden
11/24/2001 Rider, John Holden, Fairview
10/29/2001 Bowers, Howard D. Centerview
10/22/2001 Hutchings, Don Rose Hill
10/17/2001 McCaskill, Jerry Holden
10/11/2001 Watterson, Les Kingsville
7/26/2001 Petree, James Higginsville Veterans
6/26/2001 Gann, Joseph H. Pittsville
6/19/2001 Brown, Richard Kingsville, Duncan
6/13/2001 Guinn, Michael Holden
5/11/2001 Wilson, Wilma M. Higginsville Veterans
5/2/2001 Anderson, Charles E. Holden, Fairview
4/19/2001 Reuter, George Holden
3/3/2001 Newman, Avery Blairstown
2/5/2001 Stout, Stanley Holden
1/6/2001 Green, Mary E. Holden
12/29/2000 Hilke, Leo Holden, Mount Calvary
11/13/2000 Taylor, Walter Irvin Holden, Fairview
11/1/2000 Stiverson, Arthur Glenn Floral Hills East - Lee's Summit
10/26/2000 Fizer, Bill Holden
7/24/2000 Vick, Mervin Knob Noster
7/21/2000 Clayton, Robert Holden
6/8/2000 Gurley, James M. Holden
5/31/2000 Martin, Lee Holden
5/30/2000 Holmes, Bud Holden
4/22/2000 Dugger, Richard E. Holden
4/20/2000 Hall, Robert Warrensburg
4/6/2000 Langston, Delbert G. Holden
3/27/2000 Dill, Charles J. Pisgah
3/3/2000 Harris, William Charles Raytown
2/10/2000 Gregory, William E. Higginsville Veterans
2/6/2000 Skidmore, Gene Bear Creek
2/3/2000 O'Connor, Lonnie J. Higginsville Veterans
1/18/2000 Ogden, Ray Holden
12/29/1999 Morrison, Joe Holden
12/23/1999 Shoemate, Phillip H. Kingsville
10/17/1999 Tipton, Harold Elm Springs
10/2/1999 McKay, J.R. Pittsville
8/20/1999 O'Dell, Joe L. Medford
8/17/1999 Williams, Hooker Jr. Holden