Events Reminder:

 Today is Feb 27th and tomorrow in the 28th which means that another month has gone by.  So, when you pass someone on the street say hi, even though you may not know them.  Call a neighbor or friend and let them know you where thinking about them or just wanted to say hi. Call a Veteran and just make sure they are doing good.  I got a call not to long ago and it feels good to know others are wanting to make sure you are good and doing fine.  Tell the truth now, don't just say I am OK.  This also helps us to do what god wants us to do to love one another. 
I stand for the Flag and kneel for the Cross
Monthly Scripture:

Scripture for the Month:  1John 3:18, "Dear Children, Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.".
Need Help:

 If you need prayers, then email our Chaplain at and we will get you on the list.
You are not alone!
We are here to help you and God is here to help you.
Even if you do not feel that you are worthy you are.  Just let us know of your needs.



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